A leading Brisbane and Queensland air conditioning cleaning, hygiene and ductwork restoration solutions provider.

With over 15 years Air conditioning hygiene, restoration and remediation knowledge we offer you a complete resolution pathway for commercial air conditioning systems and ductwork problems.

HVAC&R Solutions

Air conditioner odours, mould or temperature a problem?

Air Systems Duct Cleaning's air conditioner cleaning and mould remediation services keep your air con  units internal components ductwork surfaces hygienically cleaner and free from recontamination from mould for longer.

Air Conditioner Cleaning


HVAC&R Restoration

AC corrosion eating a hole in your HVAC maintenance budget?

Our Air Conditioning duct replacement and surface restoration services help return your air conditioning and coolroom systems to as-new efficiency.

Air Conditioner Restoration

Need long term AC mould and corrosion protection?Aeris Products 2

AerisGuard’s HVAC&R product suite uses EPA approved technology, HACCP approved processes and is TGA approved for use in food processing, storage and manufacturing. It is the HVAC & R hygiene solution.

Air Conditioner Protection