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Achieve sustained air conditioner cleanliness, temperature set point control and lower running and maintenance costs with Air Systems Duct Cleaning's Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) cleaning services.


Providing quality AHU and Ducted Air Conditioner Cleaning Services

Air Systems Duct Cleaning's air conditioner cleaning service is tailored to any air conditioning or ventilation system, building type, working environment or project size. Our AC inspection, cleaning and reporting services ensure an accurate assessment of your air conditioner or exhaust ventilation system hygiene challenge. Each air con cleaning package includes:

  • System inspection - assesses component, surface and duct cleanliness levels, access limitations, pre-existing damage (i.e corrosion, insulation) or degradation caused by fire, smoke or water factors.
  • Hygiene Inspection Report - reports inspection findings, details scope of works recommendations and quote pricing. Our inspection report ensures our clients have greater budgetary and scheduling transparency.
  • Hygiene service - cleans and treats AC system coils, duct work and surfaces or relines or replaces duct work (if required)
  • Completed works Hygiene Report -  provides written evaluations and supporting before and after digital images
  • Hygiene Certificate  - issued upon completion of works


Our Air Conditioning and Duct Cleaning Program

Air Systems Duct Cleaning's accredited HVAC cleaning and mould remediation services delivers a tailored Assessment, Cleaning and Treatment (A.C.T) program based on your systems specific access limitation, cleanliness levels and risk exposure.

The A.C.T hygiene program:

  • Assesses your AC system in compliance with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3666.2 and .4 and NADCA - Assessment, Cleaning and Restoration of HVAC system recommendations
  • Cleans your AC system using HEPA filtration contact vacuuming, high pressure wet rinsing and proprietary containment methodologies
  • Treats biofilm on coils, surfaces and ductwork and stops re-contamination using AerisGuard Technologies Patented HVAC cleaning and treatment formulations


Air Con and Duct Cleaning Benefits

Air Systems Duct Cleaning services offer a number of health and savings benefits. Including:

  • 100% reduction in occupant complaints and dissatisfaction
  • 99.7% reduction of ignition sources within your AC system
  • 75% reduction of indoor allergens resulting in improved indoor air quality, occupant health and productivity
  • 25% increase in electricity savings
  • 15% improved airflow over the coil resulting in significant component efficiency
  • 15% improvement in asset life gains through biofilm re-colonization protection


Our Air Conditioning and Duct Cleaning Guarantee

If your air conditioning system becomes re-contaminated (based upon the original scope works) within 3 months of the cleaning service date, we will re-treat the problem area for free. For a more detailed inquiry, please feel free to read our Terms and Conditions Policies.

Given its low implementation costs and proven system efficiency, occupant health, energy savings and asset life benefits; it's easy to make Air Systems Duct Cleaning's hygiene program an integral part of your asset maintenance practices.

So don’t delay. Call Air Systems Duct Cleaning at 07 3284 0088 to schedule your air conditioner cleaning inspection. Or visit our “ Services” page to view our full range of air conditioning services and product options. For general HVAC and opening hour inquiries visit our " Contact Us".