Why Cleaning Your Commercial Air Conditioning System Is Important?


Queensland’s weather can be brutal with high humidity during the summer and high dust levels during the dryer months. Changes in temperature can have a significant impact on indoor environment resulting in several human responses, including thermal comfort, perceived air quality, sick building syndrome symptoms and productivity. As a business owner, you try to make your employees work space as comfortable as possible. So, when employees complain about being too hot or too cold your first instinct is to reach for the AC remote. But did you know that a 1 degree change in office temperature can impact employee productivity?


Indoor air temperature is a fundamental factor in determining indoor environment. Numerous studies of office and lab environments have found a direct relationship between cooler office temperatures and employee task performance. More specifically, a 2006 meta-study found that the highest productivity performance increase is at a temperature of around 21-22 degrees celsius, whereas performance decreases by 2% per 1 degree increase above temperatures of 25-32 degrees celsius. For example, at the temperature of 30oC the performance is only 91.1% of the maximum. Keeping on top of your business’s AC hygiene will not only improve productivity it can reduce your bottom line.


AC Hygiene

Environmental change coupled with inadequate AC hygiene creates the perfect conditions for commercial HVAC pollution. Only through routine air conditioning cleaning can indoor air pollution be abated and system efficiency, extended asset life and reduced energy savings result. More importantly, AC system hygiene treats toxic chemical, mould and bacterial contamination, preventing its spread to the occupied space. But DIY cleaning isn’t enough. Only professional AC cleaning can provide long term protection from mould and bacterial recontamination. This involves a total system clean that requires HEPA filtered vacuum removal of dust contamination from the AC units - filters, internal components of the Air Handling unit and the ductwork, as well as the application of a proven anti-microbial, multi-enzyme treatment product to the coils.


A Guide Too Choosing A Good AC Cleaning Professional.

There are many companies in the market place that offer air conditioning cleaning services, but how do you pick one that suits your needs and pocket. Here are 10 must-ask questions.

  1. How long has the company been in business? Ten years or more will ensure the company has broad exposure and will be able to offer a tailored solution for your problems.
  2. Do they offer a guarantee, will they come back and fix problems without charging you extra costs?
  3. Have they dealt with similar clients before and can they offer a referee if required?
  4. What method do they use to clean the ductwork? Contact vacuum clean or compressed air delivery devices? Ask what is the difference.
  5. Do they use hospital grade cleaning products?
  6. Can they supply a Safety Data Sheet for the products?
  7. Do the methods and products comply with AS3666.2-2011 Microbial control for Air Conditioning Systems of buildings?
  8. Are they a member of an appropriate organisation such as AIRAH and or NADCA
  9. What training do their teams complete before they can work on your AC systems?
  10. Can they supply the Safe Work Method Statements for the work they will be carrying out?


There are many more questions that may need to be answered, however the above is the minimum you should seek before you proceed.

If you have any questions our web site contains most of the answers although feel free to contact one of our fully trained operations managers by email, or call us on 07 3284 0088.