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Coolroom, Chiller, FDC and Refrigerated Transport Cleaning

Like other AC systems, refrigerated cooling systems are an integral part of the Australian economy. Australia has at it's disposal the best variety of produce in the world. However, keeping that standard doesn't come without costs. The production and delivery of fresh and frozen foods and beverages along the supply chain to the consumer requires a massive investment in time, resources and most importantly a high standard in Coolroom hygiene.

Refrigerated systems continuously recirculate unfiltered air through Forced Draft Coolers (FDC) that exposes the coils to high levels of contamination. When combined with the natural condensation which forms on the FDC it creates an attractive environment for microbial proliferation (biofilm) throughout the cool room, freezer, chiller, refrigerated truck and penthouse unit. If left untreated, system efficiency and performance will be diminished leading to product spoilage or bacterial infection risk. General cleaning is not enough.

 Four reasons why general Coolroom cleaning isn't enough!

  • Decontamination - general cleaning of the cooling unit does not kill the source of biofilm growth. It only temporarily removes it. General cleaning does not provide residual protection against biofilm re-contamination.
  • Excessive Energy - general cleaning does not return the cooling unit to optimal operational performance. Recontamination on FDC's and compressors will continue to keep the system under "load" requiring excessive energy demand.
  • Asset Operating Efficiency -general cleaning alone will not improve heat transfer efficiency allowing set temperature variability.
  • Asset Preservation Efficiency - general cleaning alone does not remove biofilm over the long term. Part replacement and corrosion may result.

Only Air Systems Duct Cleanings Cool room cleaning service using AerisGuard's patented Cool room cleaning and treatment products will solve your refrigerated systems decontamination, energy and efficiency challenges.

After just one cool room cleaning service your Cool room, Chiller or Penthouse unit will see significant improvements:

  • 99.7% biofilm removal
  • 21% decrease in temperature variability
  • 16% reduction in cool room temperature set points
  • Up to 20% energy demand
  • 15% airflow improvements

After regular cleaning services your Cool room, Chiller or Penthouse unit will see:

  • 10% increase in asset life cycle
  • Extended product shelf life
  • Conformance to HACCP food hygiene standards

Given its low implementation cost and proven system efficiency improvements, energy savings and asset life benefits; it's easy to make quality cool room hygiene an integral part of your asset maintenance practices. To read more about our proven solutions view our Cool room case studies on the Industry Solutions page.

 Cool room Restoration

Over time cool room assets wear out. But this doesn't always mean replacement. Air Systems Duct Cleaning's cool room restoration service can breathe new life into worn surfaces. Visit our HVAC&R Restoration page to decide if restoration is the right answer for you.

Or call Air Systems Duct Cleaning at 07 3284 0088 to schedule your free refrigerated system inspection. However, if you have a general cool room inquiry "Contact Us" through our email and we will have one of our qualified technicians get back to you by the next business day. You can also view our other HVAC services and product options on our “Services” page. Air Systems Duct Cleaning looks forward to providing you with a cool room solution.