AC, Duct & Coolroom Corrosion QLD

Need HVAC Restoration or is HVAC replacement an option?

There’s no way around it -  HVAC restoration is expensive. Unfortunately, the regular cleaning needed to keep your air conditioning system operating in an optimal state is largely avoided until complaints about smells, leaks, noises or warm air arise. Cleaning mostly provides an effective solution. However, if left too long the effect of long term part or surface congestion or damage from catastrophic events such as fire, smoke or water can result in surface corrosion or degradation. When this occurs, preparation, refurbishment, resurfacing, repair or replacement is required.

Our duct replacement and surface restoration service restores damaged or corroded AHU parts, ductwork and coolroom surfaces to near-new efficiency by assessing your projects unique circumstantial and environmental factors. We consider all of the below processes to assure the most cost effective solution for you.

  • Heavy duty cleaning of coils to remove mould and dirt fouling
  • Removal of damaged and mould contaminated internal linings
  • Re-surfacing or replacement of damaged or mould contaminated internal insulation in Air Handling Units
  • Apply water proof, anti-microbial coatings to internal floors of Air handling units to control leaks
  • Strip and resurface fan units with specialized Epoxy coatings or
  • Replace flexible ductwork


If restoration is the answer for you  Contact Us directly to schedule a no obligation inspection so we can discuss a restoration solution tailored to your specific HVAC challenges.