Cool rooms

The company is a global food supplier, priding itself on the quality of their meats, bakery, fruit and vegetable products. Whilst already having a regular maintenance program in place they were still having problems with temperature set point variation. To compensate, they installed additional refrigeration equipment. After inspection, severe blockage of the coils and significant contamination of this systems was found.

After AerisGuard Coolroom Cleaning and Treatment products were used to remediate  the biofilm from the  FDC units  and Coolroom surfaces.

Post cleaning outcomes revealed significant results:

– 16% reduction in average temperature of the Coolroom
– 21 % decrease in temperature variability

The client was very pleased with the greater capacity achieved by the remediation and reported that the compressors are no longer running continuously. The client will continue with regular Aerie retreats to ensure their Coolroom will remain working at its peak.

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