Problem – Client was concerned mould and bacteria in Air Handling Unit was directly effecting energy consumption of the HVAC system and contributing to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Inspection results – High levels of white mould and bacterial were found on cooling and heat exchange coils. Filters were also very dirty.


Pre temperature change, differential pressure and air volume data was collected at specific points from coil face being remediated.

Pre and post swab tests were also conducted to assess aerobic bacteria, mould and fungi levels.

An AerisGuard HVAC Performance Solution Remediation was conducted involving:-

– Complete biofilm removal via AerisGuard multi-enzymatic cleaning solution.

– Post clean coil protection with AerisGuard EPA approved Coil Treatment (up to 12 month mould growth protection).

– Post temperature change, differential pressure, air volume and swab test data was collected from coil.

– Data was calculated to assess system performance and energy efficiency.


Using a third party energy auditing company the following data from the pre, post and 2nd inspection samples revealed:-

– CFM (Flow rate) increased 46%

– Velocity increased 46%

– Relative Humidity increased 25%

– Aerobic bacteria plate count from 48,296 down to 130

– Yeast and mould count from 28,000 down to 210




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